One-Piece Shower Stalls

About One-Piece Shower Stalls

If you are looking for a one-piece shower stall, PlumbersStock offers great deals on all our fixtures. We’ve got the perfect options for your bathroom, all at affordable prices. A one-piece shower enclosure is typically going to be a space-saving option, great for smaller bathrooms.

Save on all kinds of showers, and shop around for matching shower faucets to go with your brand new shower enclosure, and be sure to pick up a shower drain.

Choosing a One-Piece Shower

With more than a few dozen options to choose from here, you’ll want to weigh your various options. We recommend that you consider the following:

  • Manufacturers – PlumbersStock only partners with trusted brands. We offer one-piece shower stalls made by Swanstone and Aquatic. You may already know which manufacturer you prefer. We understand how strongly some feel about specific manufacturers. We carry these specific brands and products because it allows us the flexibility of offering economical models as well as more luxurious designs.
  • Wall pattern – choose between a smooth wall or a fabricated tile-looking effect.
  • Color­ – make sure to get the right shade to match your bathroom: bone, chrome, linen, silver shine, and white.

Typically, these are acrylic or fiberglass shower enclosures. We also offer entire shower unit kits that include all the necessary parts and fixtures for a complete installation.

Advantages to One-Piece Installations

As mentioned earlier, one-piece showers are ideal for small spaces, but one of the biggest advantages is how affordable they are. For many landlords this is a quick, easy, and cheap solution for bathrooms that need a shower to meet code, or if you just want to be able to claim it’s a full bath to make the rental more attractive. Because they are easy to install you can save by avoiding paying a professional to do the job. If you are a novice, please feel free to contact our team, not only about your project but about any questions on products, etc.

Another advantage of one-piece shower stalls is that you are much less susceptible to leaks as opposed to trying to piece together parts. Unlike some tub and shower combos, these units are capable of fitting through normal sized hallways and doorways.

Buy a One-Piece Shower Stall Online

If you don’t find a complete fiberglass shower enclosure kit that meets your needs, consider piecing your own unit together. With all the options and great deals we have you can find the ideal components to make a great shower. With the right shower trim you can transform a mundane looking one-piece shower enclosure into an eye-pleasing facet of your bathroom. Brands include:

  • Aquatic
  • Lasco
  • Swanstone
  • and more!

Again, if you have any trouble finding the right parts please get in contact with us. We love to share our knowledge.

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