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About Irrigation Filters

Get your lawn and garden set up right with the best irrigation water filters. Filters are important in any system but they are particularly useful in irrigation. They will help prolong the life of your irrigation system.

Here at PlumbersStock we offer an assortment of irrigation water filters. You have to be careful because your irrigation water can contain many contaminants some include silt, algae, sand and other decaying organic matter that can clog up your sprinkler lines.

In order to keep the irrigation system clean a filter is a necessity. You can satisfy all your irrigation filter (Action Machining, Jain) needs right here.

Types of Irrigation Filter Systems

There are many different types of irrigation water filter systems one can use, but depending on the type of irrigation system and where the fluid is coming from will change the filter that is used. For example, pond or lake water will use a disk filter, whereas it would be better to use a screen filter for well water. These are the most common type used in irrigation systems. Also there are drip irrigation filters made specifically for that type of system.

  • Screen - they are the least expensive and they are easy to clean. This filter does an excellent job of removing coarse particles such as sand from the water, though they have more difficulty removing soft items such as algae. Because it has a hard time filtering out non-solid materials it is often used with the cartridge filter. Due to the fine paper material that the filter is made out of, it can catch and remove most all organic material such as mold or slime. This irrigation filter can be washed but because of the paper fabric it is suggested to replace when it has become dirty.
  • Disk - the disk filter is possibly the most effective of the bunch; it is a mix between a media and a screen filter, with the best of both worlds. This irrigation water filter is efficient at removing both coarse particulates such as sand and organic matter such as algae. The filter has a stack of round disks each disk is covered in small bumps that have a sharp point on the top of it. The disks are very close together which forces the water through but snags up any particulates. They are fairly easy to clean simply remove the disks and hose them off.
  • Centrifugal - the centrifugal filter, also known as the sand separator, removes sand particles from the water. They are great for water that has primarily sand and dirt in it and they do not clog nearly as easily as other filters. As the dirty water enters the filter where it is spun around inside a cylinder, the sand is pushed to the outer part of the filter and then slowly falls into a holding tank. This is a reliable way to keep your irrigation system clean.

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When considering irrigation filters there are certain questions that need answers. What type of filter will meet my needs? Are they easy to replace, fix or clean? Are they easily installed, etc? Irrigation water filters are an important factor in irrigation systems. PlumbersStock is devoted to giving you the best customer service so please put our professionals to the test and contact us at 435-868-4020 with all of your questions. We are here to help you.

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