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About Specialty Power Tools

For specialized projects you need specialty power tools. Not all power tools offer versatile utility and the tools here do very specific things, which is why we refer to them as specialty power tools.

At PlumbersStock, we carry a wide variety of discount specialty tools as well as parts and accessories. These power tools offer special applications, including:

Types of Specialty Power Tools

There are many different kinds of specialty power tools available on the market today, but here at PlumbersStock, we offer the following tools at a fraction of market price. We strive to bring you the highest-quality tools from the biggest names like Greenlee, Milwaukee, Ridgid, and more! Take advantage of our low prices and pick up the tool you need to complete your collection.

  • Shears - Power shears are electrically powered tools used to blank large pieces of sheet metal. They can cut straight lines and large curves, but depending on the type of shear (heavy or light duty), they may warp the metal if it is too thin.
  • Cameras and Sensors -€ Sometimes, you cannot see the problem you are trying to work on. Plumbing cameras and electrical sensors were created for the sole purpose of helping you identify the problem you are faced with. Whether you're looking to test temperature and pressure within a system or simply test electrical readouts, using a camera and sensor for your repairs provides you with an accurate and professional way to handle the problem.
  • Press and Crimping Tools -€ Press and crimping tools are used to help the user compress pipe and fittings as well as compress crimp rings into smaller sizes for more accurate connections. Having press and crimp tools in your plumber's toolbox allows you to have a professionally made seal for precise, leak-free fittings.
  • Pipe Threading Tools -€ Threading pipe is important in many projects such as plumbing and electrical applications. A well-threaded pipe allows you to create tight connections in installations and repairs to protect your home against leaks. This is especially important in older homes where electrical and plumbing systems must be updated or retrofitted to more efficient systems. In order to do this, having a pipe threading machine is an invaluable tool.
  • Drain Cleaners - It is in the nature of drains to get clogged. This is why no plumbing handyman goes without an electric drain cleaner in their toolbox. Electric drain cleaners, also called plumber's snakes, use the mechanical force of an electric motor to twist a cable in the clockwise direction and thereby clean the pipe by creating free space. Many electric drain cleaners come with cable lengths of 40 meters, but some can go as far as 80 meters.
  • Conduit Bender Machines -€ For applications in which you need bent pipe, nothing beats the functionality and efficiency of a conduit bender machine. If you are looking to bend PVC conduits into long sweep elbows, this machine is essential and indispensable. While there are many advantages to bending pipes, one of the biggest is that a bent pipe offers smoother flow than a pipe that is been outfitted.
  • Heat Guns - Heat guns should not be confused with hot glue guns. While somewhat similar in appearance, a power heat gun is not a toy, nor is it used for craft purposes. A heat gun is a power tool used to thaw frozen pipes, de-solder electronics, and loosen adhesives on nearly any surface. Each heat gun has specific temperature capabilities, but they are important and worthwhile tools to have in any handyman's toolbox for moments where the temperature has dropped and needs to be heated to a more manageable setting.
  • Caulk and Grease Guns - Electric caulk guns are used to provide bonding agents to surfaces, while electric grease guns apply lubricant. Whether you need to lubricate the blades of a motor or set down caulk for your new tile floor, you can find the best of both tools here at PlumbersStock.
  • Chain Hoists -€ For installing or removing heavy objects, an electric chain hoist provides the user with unbeatable power and efficiency. Electric chain hoists are used in many work settings and serve many important tasks, one example being lifting a car engine into and out of a hood. Whenever you have got a heavy object that needs to be moved, do not break a sweat use a Milwaukee electric chain hoist and get it done faster and safer.

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