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PlumbersStock proudly offers fixtures, parts, and accessories from Delta Faucet Company for the bathroom and kitchen. Delta was founded in the 1950s and dedicated to innovation and customer service. When you need a Delta faucet, navigating through all the options can be overwhelming. PlumbersStock carries a massive selection of discount Delta products, including:

Delta Features:

There are so many excellent features to choose from. PlumbersStock offers a wide variety of beautiful and wear-resistant finishes to ensure you find the faucet that matches your home's design. Many finishes are available with their patented Brilliance technology, which helps prevent abrasions and discoloration that eventually come with other faucets. The finishes include chrome, stainless, white, black, champagne bronze, Venetian bronze, and more.

Diamond Seal Technology

Delta is dedicated to finding the latest technology. Knowing Diamonds are the hardest substance on the earth, Delta integrated this quality into its faucet design. The Diamond Seal technology coats the cartridge seating surface with a tough diamond coating, enhancing durability tenfold. This extends Delta faucet life up to ten years longer than the competition and keeps your water fresher by protecting it from other metals and contaminants.

Touch2O Technology

Delta faucets equipped with this technology are very convenient for the cook in your family. Touch20 lets you turn the water on and off by touching the faucet's spout. The faucet can also be used traditionally by adjusting the temperature and volume with the handle. This Delta faucet technology automatically turns off after four minutes. This faucet installs just as any other faucet would, meaning you likely will not need a plumber and do not need an electrician.

Delta has unveiled Touch20.xt technology on specific models. The newly released Dryden line of lavatory faucets showcases this innovation that allows users to operate the faucet through touch sensors or a traditional manual faucet handle. You can set the faucet to operate when proximity is established, so it does not require that you touch the faucet.

MagnaTite Docking

MagnaTite docking is another excellent feature to consider. Some faucets with a detachable wand are difficult to connect back into the base of the spout. With Delta's MagnaTite technology, the wand comes free with a powerful magnet built into the center of the spout. It keeps the wand firmly in place when you are done using it. This technology demonstrates that Delta kitchen faucets are innovative and address customer needs.


This remarkable hand shower has eight different settings, ranging from a soft massage to a drenching spray and everything in between. It also has a pause feature, allowing you to save water while lathering or shaving. The handle is built to fit comfortably in your hand and has slip-resistant grips. The hose can stretch to reach any corner, and the patented TouchClean spray holes make clean-up a breeze.

H2Okinetic Technology

H2O technology sculpts water into a wave pattern unique to Delta, creating a new showering experience. The water is led through a series of chambers that oscillate, twist, and spin before exiting the showerhead in waves. This technology makes the drops of water bigger, so the water remains hot longer, and you get the added benefit of saving water without diminishing the experience. These showerheads come in both stationary and pull-out varieties.

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Parts can sometimes be hard to find, but PlumbersStock has the selection, affordability, and expertise you seek when purchasing a Delta faucet. Delta is dedicated to creating innovative products and providing service that exceeds expectations. They are consistently recognized as an industry leader in kitchen and bathroom products, winning eight awards in 2009 alone. In 2011, Delta received the prestigious WaterSense Manufacturer of the Year award for its innovative technological advances in water conservation. If you have any questions, please contact our professionals at! To speed up your search, you can use the filters on this page to refine the product results to match your needs. Learn more at

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