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About Sink Parts

Here at PlumbersStock, we offer a wide variety of replacement sink parts to help you with your bathroom or kitchen project. Whether you are attempting to fix a sink you already have, replace missing pieces from a prepackaged assembly, or build a sink from scratch, we offer everything you could ever need to make your plumbing project go smoothly.

Sink Parts Summary

To quickly navigate to the various products and manufacturers (Toto, Jones Stephens, Watts, Moen) you need, we have made 5 categories of sink parts for you to browse through:

  • Hole Covers - strainers, covers, flanges, and more serve as hole covers for your sink (typically kitchen sinks). They offer a variety of uses, and each offers nuanced functionality to fit your needs.
  • Pop-Up Assemblies - These are the stoppers you find in bathroom lavatory sinks that allow you to plug up the basin and fill it with water. Replacing these is affordable and can be reasonably straightforward.
  • Drain Assemblies - Whenever you replace your faucet, it is a good idea to switch out your drain assembly to ensure that both parts are working together well and there are no leaks or connection problems. Just as you would not want to put a new countertop on old, unstable cabinets, you do not want to put a new faucet on an old drain assembly. When replacing the drain assembly, it would be wise also to replace the P-trap and drain tailpiece. The drain assembly connects the faucet to the pipes. The overflow is also considered to be part of the drain assembly. These are all crucial parts. Most drain assemblies are pretty universal and should work in most kitchen or bathroom faucets. Parts that are needed can be found at affordable prices here, and if you are unsure if you have the correct drain assembly, please contact one of our professionals.
  • Mounting Hardware - whether you are in the market for a new bathroom or kitchen sink, part of the puzzle is getting the correct mounting hardware for your installation. In many cases, your sink will come equipped with the necessary parts, but what happens if they wear and break? PlumbersStock offers these replacement sink plumbing parts and more, all at affordable prices.
  • Pedestals (columns) - For those who do not have enough room in their lavatory for a full chest of cabinets, a pedestal sink might be the ticket. This is why we offer a wide variety of pedestal bases, so you can deal with the space problem in your bathroom or harness that classic look so many desire. This and other bathroom sink parts will allow you to configure the optimal installation.

Replacement Tips

When trying to diagnose the part you need to replace, there are many sink plumbing parts that are often broken; thus, these should be the first places you look. Some of those sink parts tend to be more problematic than others. Drains, for instance, are a common issue. If your sink is not draining right (i.e., clogging or leaking all the time), you either have bad plumbing or a bad drain. If it is the latter, then replacing the drain is always an option! Just look through our ample supply of quality kitchen sink parts to find the drain assembly to fit your needs.

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Call or contact us today if you have any more questions or if you wish further guidance! Thank you for choosing PlumbersStock for all your discount sink plumbing parts. Fast shipping and excellent service on all our affordable products.

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