About K-Rain Irrigation Supply

In a world where having a green lawn is exceedingly essential, it is hard to conserve water, especially when you live in a state where green is not supposed to exist. With so many homes wasting thousands of gallons of water on irrigation and sprinkler systems, there seems to be little room for water conservation; fortunately, you can save with PlumbersStock on K-Rain sprinklers and irrigation products:

K-Rain sprinklers offer green irrigation solutions so you can save money, water, and the environment while still making sure your grass gets the water it needs. This is possible through the use of low flow and efficient K-Rain sprinkler heads and bodies, timers and relays, and valves and parts. Read on for more information on K-Rain valves, controllers, and more and take advantage of the best prices on the web at PlumbersStock.

The Green Initiative

In addition to building products to make the irrigation world better, K-Rain also manufactures products that will make the world as a whole better as well. All K-Rain sprinkler products enable the efficient use of water and water recycling, reducing the impact their irrigation systems have on the standing water supply. But even more importantly, all of their manufacturing facilities utilize green practices, to consume less of the earth's diminishing resources and decrease the amount of waste they produce. K-Rain strives for zero waste in all of its facilities, from top to bottom.

K-Rain Sprinkler Supply at PlumbersStock

What does all this mean for you? Well, for starters, this all means that no matter what you buy, you will be getting an incredible product that works wonders for your yard. No matter if you are getting K-Rain sprinkler heads, valves and parts, timers and relays, or anything else to make your sprinkler system as correct as possible, you will be getting exactly what you expect: quality and efficiency. Just a few of the advantages of choosing K-Rain for your irrigation system include:

  • Lower Water Bills: K-Rain sprinkler products all utilize water recycling practices, reducing the loss of water through the use of the system as well as the amount of water you use in general. This can result in cheaper water bills and better water efficiency.
  • Lower Prices: Though master engineers work tirelessly to create these items, you still will be able to save some money buying from K-Rain as a result of their low prices and the retail discounts we provide on all products. This means, with K-Rain sprinklers, you will be getting the best bang for your buck online!
  • Guaranteed Success: When you buy from a company like K-Rain, you know you are getting parts that are going to work, providing you with the peace of mind you need when purchasing online. They have been working for 35 years as leaders of the irrigation industry!

About K-Rain

K-Rain has over 35 years of industry experience, producing some of the industry's best and most green irrigation products. Using the world's best engineers, and a desire to create incredible irrigation products, K-Rain sprinklers continue to make better solutions. This approach has resulted in some of the most advanced irrigation products on the market.

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So, if you are looking for a great way to save money on the operation of your sprinkler supply, help reduce your impact on the environment a bit and keep your grass green to boot, you do not need to look any further; K-Rain is the perfect brand for you. If you need any more information concerning their products, or if you want help finding the product that is right for you, do not hesitate to call us. We have customer service representatives ready to answer any question you may have, whether it be about a K-Rain controller, timers, valves, or sprinkler heads. Learn more at K-Rain.com.

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