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Professional tradesmen need dependable products, which is why so many choose Ridgid tools. With almost a century of experience leading the tool manufacturing industry, today their engineers achieve the same high standards of quality, strength, and endurance that they first delivered to the marketplace with their heavy-duty pipe wrench more than 80 years ago.

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The introduction of the Ridgid pipe wrench was revolutionary and ever since their company goal has been to exceed the expectations of its customers with industry-leading products. Ridgid plumbing tools are made with quality so you can purchase with confidence knowing that it will consistently perform in demanding professions and home improvement tasks. Ridgid tools help you achieve greater efficiency, resulting in faster work, more jobs, and improved profits. Ridgid product categories include pressing technology, drain maintenance, diagnostics and locating, pipe and tubing tools, wet/dry vacuums, power tools, air tools, outdoor power equipment, and general-purpose products.

  • When working with copper, stainless steel, PEX, and multi-layer tubing connections, Ridgid pressing technology has the speed and reliability to make strong connections. Ridgid tool technology with increased speed makes connections in as little as five seconds which is some of the fastest power pressing tools in the industry. Ridgid's power pressing tools are designed with high-end diagnostics ensuring you will get the same watertight seal made every time for increased reliability.
  • For drain maintenance, Ridgid tools, machines, letters, and accessories have the ability to clear a blockage or maintain flow in 1/2" - 12" pipes. Hand tools include toilet augers, grappler hook, flat sewer tape, cable rust inhibitor, and hand spinners. Sink machines, drum machines, sectional machines, and rodder machines can handle line sizes from 3/4" - 24". Ridgid Tool Company offers four types of water jetting machines handling 1 1/4" lines to 10" lines.
  • Ridgid offers a wide range of pipe and tubing tools including wrenches, pipe vises, cutters, threading, and fabrication. There are 28 different models of the heavy-duty Ridgid pipe wrench and 40 different models for specific uses. They also carry tools for roll grooving, bending and forming, tube repair, and joining.
  • Ridgid power tools provide a large range of options from corded to cordless, bench and stationary, innovative tile saws, and even job-site radios. Some of the Ridgid cordless tools include impact drivers, cordless combo kits, and drills. Table saws, miter saws, stands, and jointer/planers are some of their bench tools.

Believe it or not, one of our best selling products is the Ridgid Peddinghaus Model 12 anvil, and that tells you we pretty much carry everything online. Plumbing professionals love the Ridgid K-750 115v drum machine, as well as the SF-2500 230v pipe freezing kit, too.

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You can find all your replacement parts here at PlumbersStock. We have the best tool prices on the web, so you can save with us, but before purchasing a replacement part, make sure it is not already covered by a warranty. Ridgid power tools are designed to provide maximum up-time and eligible tools can be registered to take advantage of the lifetime service agreement. With the lifetime service agreement you are covered for life, free batteries, free parts, and free service are included in the agreement. Learn more at Ridgid.com.

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