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About Black Iron Pipe Fittings

There are many reasons why your installation calls for black iron pipe fittings, and when it does, turn to the plumbing experts at PlumbersStock for great prices. Black iron is great for heating and cooling applications. No matter what you need, you will be able to find the right kind of fittings here.

Black iron is one of the toughest materials available, therefore it can be a bit expensive, even with our great pricing. Black iron fittings can withstand the pressure and hazards associated with running gas lines to your home.

Black Iron Uses

Commonly referred to as steel pipe (though not technically accurate), black iron pipe (BIP) can be applied in a variety of manners. Compatible with both water and gas, black iron is most widely used for fire sprinkler systems because the piping is so resistant to high temperatures. Though once more popular than it is today, you will still find black iron pipe/fittings in plumbing and HVAC systems in homes and commercial locations across the country. Water corrodes black iron, so it is not ideal for plumbing. The advantage of black iron is that, unlike steel, piping and fittings do not need to be welded together.

Types of Black Iron Fittings

The following is a list of the most common fittings you will come across:

  • Elbows – this part allows you to bend the supply line and redirect it. PlumbersStock offers 45 and 90-degree elbows in a variety of sizes.
  • Tees – when buying a black iron tee fitting, there are two basic types from which to choose. There are tees that connect pipes of the same diameter, and there are tees that connect smaller lines to larger ones. Make sure you get the right part.
  • Bushing reducers – this fitting allows you to extend a pipeline, but reduces it in the process.
  • Couplings - these black iron pipe fittings join two pipes together and can be of the “reducing” variety. A coupling is made of one solid piece of black iron
  • Unions – very similar to couplings, unions differ in that they are ideal fitting for quick maintenance. You can easily connect or disconnect the line without having to rotate threading into place (which unintentionally tightens the pipe on the other side of the coupling connection). Unions are very reliable forms of connecting pipe.
  • Plugs - also referred to as “caps”, they literally plug the end of a pipeline.

BIP fittings can be relatively expensive, but there are two ways that we recommend you reduce cost: (1) shop at PlumbersStock for the best plumbing prices on the web; (2) strategically plan your system to cut down on the amount of black iron pipe and fittings required to complete it.

What Is Malleable Iron?

In this context, malleable fittings are hardened to ensure that they can take the extreme pressure of twisting the parts into place. They are not made to be bent, and an attempt to do so can lead to cracking. These malleable pipe fittings are not meant to be welded either.

Buy Black Iron Pipe Fittings Wholesale

You can use the filters on the left side of the page to sort the product results according to your search. This will allow you to quickly find the best black iron fitting for your home improvement project. Again, if you have any trouble navigating the site, or need a question answered, feel free to contact our friendly staff and a member of our team can point you in the right direction. Shop PlumbersStock for unbeatable savings on black iron pipe fittings.

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