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About Recirculating Pumps

If you are looking for savings on your utilities, then recirculation pumps are a good option. Also known as circulation or recirculation pumps, PlumbersStock has a wide variety to choose from, and that's the case for all types of pumps. We even have pump parts!

What Is a Recirculating Pump?

Recirculation pumps are commonly-used centrifugal pumps. The main function of this pump is to always ensure that hot water is available as close to the consumption point as possible in plumbing applications. This helps considerably to reduce water waste. The circulation pump is a class of pumps that move gases, liquids, or semi-liquid material in a closed circuit. Since this pump only circulates liquid within the closed circuit, the effort required to work this machine is significantly less than that of other pumps.

A little history of these pumps: When they were first installed in homes, they would run 24 hours a day or have a timer to operate at times when you could anticipate the hot water. Between jobs, families, athletics, or school, there is really no routine time that you can be sure you will be there when the hot water is. Eventually, the technology in hot water circulation pumps improved to offer several options, such as a push-button on-demand or an occupancy sensor that triggers the pump. Limiting the amount of time the pump operates will save you money.

These recirculating pumps are usually used in hydronic systems and are typically powered by an electric motor. As with many other pumps, their size changes based on where they are going to be installed. For homes, they will be relatively small, but for industrial and commercial buildings, the size and horsepower have a much greater range. The sealed units for the home application usually have the motor rotor, pump impeller, and support bearings combined and sealed within the water circuit.

How Do Circulation Pumps Work?

The great thing about hot water recirculating pumps is that they instantly allow you to enjoy comfortable water temperatures from your faucet. It’s there when you need it, and it is also a more efficient way of conserving water. Normally water runs from the water heater through the pipes and out the tap, once the tap is turned off the water sits in the pipes and cools which results in the sit and wait for hot water. What the circulation pump does force a small amount of hot water to continually flow through the pipes starting at the water heater traveling to the farthest fixture and then traveling back. Therefore, hot water is always in the pipes, and water is not wasted. Keeping an increase in heat in the piping system also increases the pressure within the system.

Hot Water Recirculation Pumps Online

We offer so many discount recirculating pumps that it can be a bit overwhelming to purchase. Use the filters on the left of the page to help refine the product results to get the needed part. When choosing a circulation pump, you need to consider what exactly you will be using it for and, with that, what type of pipe would be best to use. Pipes like copper can be sensitive to the water conditions, and the continual flow can be negatively affected. Brands include:

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Recirculating Pumps Can Save You Money on Your Water Bill

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