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Keep your workspace clean with the discount shop vacs found here at PlumbersStock. Your home is at risk of flooding and other types of damage and having a wet-dry vacuum on hand for just such emergencies may save you a lot of money in the long run.

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What Is a Wet-Dry Vacuum?

When you are using power and hand tools, creating a mess is nearly unavoidable as you’ll often find yourself; drilling, sawing, sanding, and demolishing, you will be sending debris flying everywhere. This is a problem for your average home vacuum—the mess will frequently be too big, too rough, too fine, or wet and you won’t be able to pick it up. With your household vacuum out of the question, this leaves the shop vacuum (also referred to as a shop vac) the optimal solution.

Used by professionals and homeowners alike, wet-dry vacuums are large, bucket-like vacuums with fat hoses, powerful motors, and plenty of empty space to store debris. These vacuums are unique from household vacuums in that they can suck up liquids such as water. They often have a filter for the motor and deposit waste within an interior vessel rather than a bag, making for easy waste removal. Shop vacs are more powerful than your average vacuum and can handle large messes of workshop debris like sawdust quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the Best Shop Vac

Whether you’re looking to suck up chunks of plaster and nails or water and dust, a shop vac is an essential tool to keep your workspace clean. However, not all shop vacs are created equal. Wet/dry vacuums can range in size and power, from 1-gallon models to bulky 20-gallon giants. Small, portable vacuums are perfect for occasional jobs, while larger capacity vacuums are must-haves for anyone looking to renovate their home or build furniture.

To assist you in finding the perfect vacuum for your workspace, consider these features and options before you buy:

  • Hose – The hose can vary in diameter, a trend you’ll see model-to-model. This small feature can make a big difference depending on how large of pieces you think you’ll be vacuuming. If you’re planning on expanding your home and tearing down drywall, a larger hose diameter will do you good. However, if you plan on using the vac for smaller, finer messes, don’t worry too much about the size. Hose lengths are less variable, but keep in mind this basic rule of thumb: longer lengths are more convenient for far away or high up messes, but the longer the length, the poorer the suction.
  • Hose Tank Connection – This feature isn’t as obvious as some of the others, but it’s just as important. When shopping for a shop vac, look for screw-on or locking connections between the hose and the tank to ensure the hose doesn’t pull free if you tug on it.
  • Noise – Most shop vacs will make quite a lot of noise as you’re using them. Keep an eye on the number of decibels80 and up will require ear protection. If you purchase a muffler, this will quiet the vacuum to the point where ear protection won’t be necessary (about 60 decibels).
  • Auto-Shut Off Feature – The auto-shut off feature acts as an internal alarm, triggering the vacuum to shut off when the tank is full. This prevents the motor from overheating and lets you know it’s time to empty the tank.
  • Wheels – Some models have 3, others have 4. No matter the size, 4 wheels are always better than 3. Make sure the front 2 swivel, as this will provide more stability as you’re rolling the vacuum around.
  • Tank Bigger isn’t always better. Unless you desperately need a large tank to clean up a lot of big messes on a daily basis, having a large tank is more of a burden than it is a convenience. Sure, bigger tanks are made to hold more, but this becomes a bit of a problem when the tank is full of water and you need to empty it. Additionally, keep in mind the material the tank is made of. Plastic is lighter, but stainless steel is more durable.
  • Attachments – A shop vac can double as a vacuum for your car, and because of this, some come with certain attachment features. These include floor sweeps, crevice tools, car upholstery tools, and wide water blades. If you plan on using your wet/dry vacuum for more than just cleaning your workspace, keep an eye out for these attachments as you’re shopping.
  • Cord Length – Shop vacs run on electricity, which mean you’ll need an available outlet to plug your vacuum into. Look for ones with long cords so you can skip using an extension cord. If it has a built-in cord reel, you’ll be less likely to get tangled up, so try and find a vacuum that also offers this feature.

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