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It's no longer a luxury, air conditioning is a must in almost every place in America. We carry all kinds of AC supplies so that you can keep your system up to date and ensure it doesn't let you down during the hot summer months.

At PlumbersStock, we are heating and cooling experts and carry the best air conditioning products to help you avoid the discomfort of the hottest time of year. We have:

AC systems help your body to remain in that state of comfort or homeostasis so that you can more easily enjoy life. Central AC units are ideal in many cases, but evaporative coolers can be a great solution under certain conditions. At PlumbersStock, we offer both central and localize air conditioning systems from brands like Ducane, Dial, and Essick.

Basics of Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning is the process of altering the condition of air to a more comfortable state, whether that be through cooling, heating, ventilation or disinfection of the air. Most often changed are the properties of temperature and/or the humidity of the air. Below are some examples, ways, and knowledge through which you can learn to make your home, business, or remodel more comfortable and suited to your needs:

  • Since there is no such thing as cold, the only way for a swamp cooler or central AC unit to cool the air is to extract the heat. This is usually done by means of thermal transfer into a refrigerant or evaporation.
  • Refrigeration works in a cycle - The refrigeration begins in a compressor located outside where air is transformed from a gas to a liquid, which causes it to expel heat. It then passes through an outdoor coil where a fan expels the remaining heat. The refrigeration travels into the building and passes through a metering device that is designed to change the liquid to a gas and in turn to an evaporator coil. This evaporation process (thus, evaporative coolers) takes an enormous amount of heat to accomplish. Any air passing by the coil will instantly have all heat sucked out of it. This process also creates condensation. If the metering device allows too much to pass through, the condensation will freeze and not allow any air to pass the coil.
  • Air conditioners are measured in tonnages. One ton of air is equal to 12k BTU of cooling. One ton of air also requires 1200 CFM of air movement in order to avoid freezing up. The efficiency of an air conditioner is determined by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER. The higher the SEER of an air conditioning system the less energy it uses to cool.
  • To determine the required amount of A/C calculate the "Heat Load"
  • Heat Load or Gain is calculated similar to Heat Loss except it is the inverse. Windows, walls, ceiling, and floors all determine how much energy is entering an area. Heat Gain can also come from anything inside the structure from slot machines to even human beings. Each has a specific value associated that will help calculate the Heat Load.

What Is a Swamp Cooler?

Also commonly known as evaporative coolers, these AC systems are often found placed in a window and work great in close proximity. These machines drop the temperature of dry air as it combines with liquid water to create water vapor.

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We understand that Air Conditioning is one of the greatest comforts that we can enjoy in the twenty-first century; but it can also be one of the biggest hassles or headaches when it is not working properly. Here at we try to kill the headache and take away the hassle of AC by offering great products and superior service. So if you need to find discount swamp coolers for sale, a central AC unit, or are simply just in need individual evaporative cooler parts, you have come to the right place.

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