Tank Levers

About Toilet Tank Levers

Toilet tank levers, eventually need to be replaced, although sometimes they outlast the toilet tank itself. Flush handles all work basically the same way. This toilet part is necessary for almost every configuration (exceptions being automatic flush valves, like you find in commercial applications).

PlumbersStock offers hundreds of discount tank lever options to get your toilet running like new, including your favorite brands (TOTO, Moen, Brizo, Danze, Delta).

How Does a Tank Lever Work?

A toilet works with a series of different parts to make sure the proper level of water is in the tank, that the water is flushed at the right time, and finally that the tank is refilled. The tank lever is a relatively simple part of the toilet. The toilet flush handle is located on the outside of the toilet on the right or left side of the tank and is the part that you can visibly see when facing the toilet. It is connected to a long arm inside the tank. At the other end of the long arm, it is connected to a flapper. When the toilet tank lever is pulled down, it allows the flapper to rise, releasing the water into the tank and removing the waste. It is a simple process designed for efficiency and long-term effectiveness.

Toilet Flush Lever Options

When it comes to purchasing a toilet and tank the tank lever usually included on the tank. The standard tank lever that comes with the tank is usually matched to the color of the tank making it blend in with the tank and toilet. If you are looking to dress up your toilet then the options for you are out there. Many people like to have their tank levers to match the faucet and shower trims in their bathroom. Manufacturers like Moen and Delta offer their tank levers that are available in the same design as the rest of the faucets. This allows the tank lever to not only match the trim in the rest of the bathroom but it also coordinates the design with the trim as well. A specific finish on your toilet flush handle can make all the difference in the design of your bathroom.

Buy Toilet Handle Replacements Wholesale

Toilet tank levers are a critical part to a working toilet. You may be purchasing a tank lever may because you do not like the standard lever, or you may simply need a replacement for a broken toilet handle. No matter your situation, PlumbersStock has the discount replacement part for the job. Tanks levers are offered in a wide variety of options so you can replace your existing toilet flush handle and coordinate it to match the rest of your bathroom.

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