Freestanding Tubs

About Freestanding Bathtubs

If you have a large master bathroom, one of the best ways to enhance your design is through installing a freestanding tub. We have hundreds of options to choose from, from all the best names in the business.

As with all bathtubs at PlumbersStock, you can save big on our freestanding options. Browse and find the perfect matching tub faucet for your new American Standard, ALFI, or TOTO freestanding tub with the home improvement experts at PlumbersStock.

What Are Freestanding Tubs?

Freestanding bathtubs are large tubs that are not attached to any walls and instead are installed through the floor. They typically have taller sides and hold much more water than an ordinary, conventional bathtub does. Some styles have feet, which they stand on instead of a base mounted flush with the floor. Some of them are known as clawfoot tubs (which we don’t usually offer here because shipping is not practical. At PlumbersStock, we carry a variety of freestanding units, including

  • Jetted tubs
  • Walk-in
  • Soaker
  • Garden bathtubs
  • And more!

Benefits of Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding tubs are very popular around the world. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they have a lot of other great characteristics as well. They are:

  • Elegant - If you are looking for a romantic tub experience for your master bathroom, nothing is more elegant than a freestanding bathtub. Install a chandelier, and it will add some elegance and charm.
  • Easy to Clean - A freestanding bathtub is popular for how easy it is to clean. Built-in tubs attached to the wall can get a large amount of residue or even mold built up in the corners. Freestanding units don't have these corners. Therefore, mold and dirt residue is much less common in these types of tubs.
  • Fills Space - A freestanding tub is a great option in large bathrooms that need a unique look and feel.

Picking a Bathtub for Your Home

Whether you are purchasing a new home or remodeling an old bathroom, one thing is for sure, picking out the right bathtub is one of the most important parts. The bathtub is the focal point of the room, the first thing people notice, and one of the best parts of the entire bathroom. Because of this, it's so important to find a tub that fits your home's style and design. There are a few important things to keep in mind before making your purchase to help you find the perfect fit that is right for you.

  • What type of space do you have for your new bathtub?
  • What type or style of tub will work best in your home?
  • What size of tub do you need?
  • Will you need help installing it?
  • What color works best with your bathroom?

A tried and true option for your bathroom is the Kohler K-8336-0. It's a best seller for good reason.

Freestanding Bathtub on Sale

We want to make your purchase with us as easily as possible. Doing your research and knowing what type of tub will work best for your home is key to having the perfect fit for your bathroom. If you need help picking out a tub, color, or design, we would be happy to help. Let our experts here at PlumbersStock help you find the freestanding tub of your dreams. We carry:

  • ALFI
  • American Standard
  • Aquatic
  • TOTO
  • and more!
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