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About Fertilizer

Your yard deserves only the best lawn fertilizer. At PlumbersStock, we have made a name for ourselves by offering quality landscape supply. Browse through our discount selection of both fertilizers and feeders.

Types of Lawn Fertilizer

We provide a host of great fertilizer and soil conditioning products whether you need organic lawn fertilizer, liquid, etc. so your lawn looks gorgeous year round. Included in our lineup of fertilizer products:

  • Underground Fertilizer Feeders: The easiest way to distribute your fertilizer, underground fertilizer feeders allow you to connect your sprinkler lines to a specialized feeder, which then enables the water and fertilizer to mix together and flow through the sprinkler system. This ensures a healthy lawn regardless of the time of year, and it gives you an easy, permanent solution for fertilizer distribution.
  • Soil Conditioner: Our line of soil conditioners and landscape fertilizers can help make your lawn grow more gorgeous than ever before. Perfect for trees, shrubs, hedges, and lawns, these products provide your plants the minerals they need to grow and live a healthy life. Best of all, you can save up to 50% off retail price on all soil conditioner products!
  • Rust Stain Removers: Though not strictly part of our lawn fertilizer products line, our stain remover products can help rid your landscape of any rust stains you may be cursed with, blessing you with an even more beautiful lawn. And, because these products are so heavy duty, you can even use them on your camper or other heavy duty metals to relieve your life of those nasty, semi-permanent rust stains.

Tips for Using Fertilizer Products

If you need some help understanding when to apply lawn fertilizer, and how to do so, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Fertilize only at the right time: Though you may be tempted to fertilize year round, it’s only smart to fertilize when your soil and grass is ready. This depends on the region and climate of your home, but you should normally be fertilizing during the rainy season. For improved results, don’t skimp. We offer the best lawn fertilizer at reasonable prices right here.
  2. Mow your Lawn the Right Way: Without proper mowing, your lawn will not be able to enjoy the effects of fertilizing, no matter what time of year you fertilize. Just keep this in mind; only mow the tips of the grass if it’s dry, and never mow when it’s raining (after you’ve fertilized). Follow these tips, and you’ll be just fine.
  3. Go green: There are plenty of fertilizers out there, but many can pollute groundwater and hurt your land in the long run. Buy organic lawn fertilizer products, and make sure you are getting fertilizer with the chemicals that you need (i.e. you don’t need phosphorous, and nitrogen shouldn’t be used too much).

Buy the Best Lawn Fertilizer Online

At the end of the day, PlumbersStock provides the best lawn and garden products so you don’t have to go anywhere else. Call for more information, or make the purchase that you think is right for you; we are sure you will be perfectly satisfied. Let us know if you have trouble finding anything whether it be stain remover or liquid lawn fertilizer.

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