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About Plumbing Supply Lines

When performing a home improvement project, it is sometimes difficult to make sure you have all the right pieces to complete the project. When it comes to plumbing and HVAC projects, you will need supply lines and you want ones that will last. We carry a variety of different types of supply lines, including:

Types of Supply Lines

We carry all the best brands in the industry, including gas and plumbing supply lines by Dormont, Fluidmaster, Viega, Watts and more.

Faucet Supply Lines

Commonly hidden away underneath the counter, you will become familiar with this part of your home when your faucet develops a leak. Before attempting to fix the leak, you should shut off the faucet supply. There is generally a line for both the hot and cold water. You connect the faucet to the water supply line by using supply connectors. Then they are connected to the water shut off that is connected to the plumbing behind the wall. They come in different lengths to ensure you are getting the most secure fit for your connection. Depending on the application in question, they come in both a flexible and hard metal pipe.

Toilet Supply Lines

The most commonly used line in toilets is the stainless steel flex supply line. Convenient because they are so easy to install, these flexible water supply lines are often far less expensive than their non-flexible counterparts. The other options available are either a brass or copper plumbing supply line. These types are very rigid and have many more parts, making the installation process a bit more complicated. Then all you need is a wrench to remove the existing line and then to tighten the new one on.

Gas Supply Lines

Perhaps you just purchased a new gas range for your kitchen and you need to hook it up to the natural gas piping in the wall. In order for that to work, you will need a Gas Supply line. These lines are easily installed by screwing the supply to the appliance and wall. They are durable and sold as Leak Tested to assure it provides a safe, leak-free connection in your home. More often than not, they are sold without the fitting that will be needed to complete installation, so keep that in mind when you are shopping.

Get Water Supply Lines at PlumbersStock

Whether you are looking for a water supply line for your toilet, faucet or a line for your gas appliance (range, washer, dryer, etc.), Plumbersstock is the place to shop. We are dedicated to helping the do-it-yourselfer find all of the supplies they need when it comes to completing their project. For all your supply line needs, check out PlumbersStock. If you have any questions, please contact our professional staff and we can help get exactly what you need. We carry:

  • Dormont
  • Fluidmaster
  • Newport Brass
  • T&S Brass
  • Viega
  • Watts
  • and more!
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